And then

you have it

an idea

Thinking outside the box

Great ideas often stem from thinking outside the box. We explore whether our vision already exists or what’s missing in the current landscape, emphasizing commercial viability.

Get to know your fit

Let’s brainstorm together on crafting a unique offering for your audience market research is key to finding the right fit. Remember, nothing is set in stone as ideas evolve, so teamwork is crucial.

Matchmaking process

We encourage forming a team or advisors, playing a supportive role in the process, and utilizing our matchmaking process for diverse perspectives.

Gathering resources

Once your idea is defined, we’ll focus on the resources needed and discuss your role in the company. Identifying your expertise and passion is crucial, as building and managing a company requires dedication.

Finding your spark

Finding your spark is essential for the freedom that comes with entrepreneurship. Following your passion is key in a realm with no set working times or days.

Making a business plan

After discovering your spark, we’ll dive into crafting a business plan, providing a tangible starting point. From there, we can seamlessly transition to the execution phase.

Do you have an idea?

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